18 Cover Song Tips – “Wicked Game”

Welcome to KB’s favorite morning routine: Just me, Burt’s Bees, a cover song, and the keys. How do I go about learning a new cover song?

How I Learned “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak:

18 Cover Song Tips + 1 Bonus by KB

Tip #1: When Your Heart Gets Moved by a Song, Play Block Chords, Arpeggiate & Riff.
Tip #2: Find the Chords & Lyrics Online.
Tip #3: Vocalize & Feel the Story Arch Inside the Moment.
Tip #4: Pick a Song that You Love!In KB’s Case, it’s “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak.
Tip #5: Change Clothes! Because it’s Fun.
Tip #6: Know Why a Song Moves You. Really.
Tip #7: Experiment with Light & Filters for Different Video Looks.
Tip #8: Forget Perfection! Truly. Fuh-getta-boutit.
Tip #9: Give the Song a Whirl…Play & Sing!
Tip #10: Use Photo Booth to Video Record on Laptop. Try One Live Take to Reduce Editing.
Tip #11: Make the Cover Song Your Own! Give it Your Unique Flair.
Tip #12: In iMovie or Final Cut Use “Ken Burns” Effect to Pan Closer.
Tip #13: Practice Looking at the Camera!
Tip #14: Own the Song More! Change Up the Ending.
Tip #15: Don’t Be Afraid to Look Silly! Pour Your Heart Out.
Tip #16: There’s No Easy Answer to “Nailing a Take.” Often the Take with Raw Emotion Is Best.
Tip #17: Repeat Tip #5! [Change Clothes! Because It’s Fun.]
Tip #18: When Pouring on the Schlock, it Helps to Wear a Pink Ski Vest. [Add Humor!]

BONUS TIP: One thing Everybody Has? An Opinion. So Don’t Sweat it…Keep On Truckin’!

For an example of what performance group really nailed “one live take,” watch this CBS clip from Canadian band, “Walk Off The Earth,” to see how their one, live, creative-take on cover songs from Gotye to Lourde—sent them viral. #VeryVeryCool!

Wicked Game - Kathleen Blackwell - Photography by Mark Guerra / Styling by Leah Moon Wicked Game - Kathleen Blackwell - Photography by Mark Guerra / Styling by Leah Moon

Enjoy life!

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