911 Grateful

A post from my FB page: I am so grateful, and feel truly blessed with all of your birthday greetings and wishes December 25. Thank you.

I haven’t interacted online much in the past few months because I’ve been leaping from one dream to the next reality (time-sensitive, emergency), and I wanted to express and share some indebted thoughts:

In the past 12 months I have needed to call 911 five times in moments of uncertainty. I love the “heart of 911” and appreciate all the people I have encountered during the process—from from their calming voices on the phone, to their physical acumen and emotional-intellectual ability to facilitate in a state of uncertainty. As well, I am in AWE of all the dedicated nursing staff “out there,” and on board for daily needs, or emergency scenarios.

Wow, just wow!

My experience is that emergency staff and nurses are like angels who swoop in, help manage, oversee with beauty, grace, and reason; then let-go to allow recovery and reflection. My experience is that there are so many good people around all of us, (and at times I’ve been too busy to either see further than my own hand, or too fatigued to notice)…and I have seen people who sit with patience and foresight, and not only administer medical care (daily, or emergency), but also say a prayer.
I apologize for any seeming rhyming conventions, it’s just what I’m thinking and how I feel.
I am grateful for the women and men who serve and choose to give their livelihood to helping others.
Renewed invigoration.

Wishing everyone a heart-happy, conscious, and healthy new year!

Love, KB