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Kathleen Blackwell is a multi-talented Texan-born Recording Artist, Songwriter, Fashion Designer, & Tech-Entertainment Blog Writer. Blackwell’s 'To Be Human' CD release was nominated for ‘Album Of The Year in AAA’ with the L.A. Music Awards in 2009. Her piano-based songs have that classically inspired indie-rock vibe—smooth and deep. It will make you want to go out and save the world. Dave Harvey, Songsalive! (April, 2011)
Please, overlook Britney Spears' The Singles Collection. She has made little go a very long way with that nasally, weak voice. There are several talented female singer-songwriters who deserve more of the spotlight. Keeping the spirit of their inspiring predecessors alive, these artists shed the stereotype of a woman toting her guitar to yet another coffee shop. She has designed aprons. Now Kathleen Blackwell is releasing her debut outing, To Be Human, before launching her clothing line Cougar Rock. Drawing influence from Tori Amos, the classically trained Blackwell makes quite an impression on the piano-based 'I Don't Know.' Her edgier side is revealed on 'Imago,' but seduces listeners on the breathless, jazzy title track. Also featuring the lush 'Crush' and the rocking 'Broken,' Blackwell's To Be Human is out now. David Byrne with Tony Peregrin, Pop Making Sense, Special to the Online Edition of Windy City Times (November, 2009)
DARING. DELICIOUS. DASHING. DEMURE. DIVA. Get ready for Kathleen Blackwell who is unequivocally L.A.'s next piano playing Rock Diva. Gilli Moon, Warrior Girl Music (September, 2009)
BROKEN should be put in front of Director, Tim Burton! Annette Conlon, NetteRadio (August, 2009)
Kathleen Blackwell has a clothing line called 'cougar rock' and I suppose she growls a bit. But she’s equally adept at slower songs like opener Beautiful Dreamer where she plays the piano and sings in a lovely manner. It’s strident but with finesse. Rude Boy sees the singer at her most tough, and yet she expenses herself well to a rockin’ tune. It appears to be about and ex, but the martial metaphors make me think of a certain ex-president. The title track is a strong statement about living life to the fullest, set to a gorgeous piano backing. Blackwell’s vocals are strong here. Broken rocks and speaks of a broken heart with obvious concern. Blackwell’s tougher side shows here and she’s right at home with it. The vocals could be higher in the mix, but it works well anyway. It’s a strong debut. Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds. (February, 2009)