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Entertainment + Technology = TechTainment

TechTainment is a fast-paced business retreat lounge that centers on the merging of entertainment + technology between four major industries: Music, TV/Film, Gaming & Publishing and how companies can distribute quality, monetized content.

TechTainment is where companies come to showcase and grow their content through a variety of presentations, executive decision-making panels + Q&A, and networking with cross-platform companies, like-minded professionals, investment firms, and facilitators.

TechTainment attracts C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and facilitators (incubators, etc.) who are expanding and building their companies and whose product line is heavily content driven. They come to TechTainment to partner and create relationships that will help grow their companies.

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Gregg Rolie

Serial Entertainment Entrepreneur

Gregg went to high school in Palo Alto, CA before Apple existed and before Silicon Valley was famous. In the Valley, Gregg co-founded two supergroup bands (Santana and Journey) selling an astonishing 170,000,000 records. Gregg’s voice, keyboards and songs are heard hourly somewhere in the world from restaurants to stadiums: Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways, Oye Como Va, Anytime, Just The Same Way, Feeling That Way, and Soul Sacrifice are part of music pop culture. Gregg also co-founded numerous other successful businesses including Weed High Nightmare Publishing Company and Nocturne Productions, one of the global leaders in live high tech video production. Gregg is a current member of Ringo Starr All Starr Band. Yes, eh’s in a band with a Beatle and Gregg Rolie Band.

Gregg has never played SXSW, but he’s discussing the “Business Behind the Music” and performing at TechTainment!

EXCLUSIVE Live “Black Magic Woman” Performance by Gregg Rolie at TechTainment

Gregg Rolie

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