From the Developers Notebook: Zipline Games Looking to Take Mobile and Cloud Development to New Levels

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Seattle startup Zipline Games looks to make mobile development a speedy process with its new platform. The new platform will allow developers of mobile, social and web-based games and applications to easily get started—up-and-running the same day. It promises to remove the difficulty of cross platform development.

“I wanted to make it possible for game developers and designers to go have a crazy conversation at lunch, then come back and get those new ideas working in the game by the end of the day,” said founder and CTO Patrick Meehan in an interview on Zipline’s website.

The Mobile Platform For Pro Game Developers

Zipline has released the beta version of its development platform MOAI which allows mobile game developers to write the games in Lua rather than writing for each device. Then once the games are completely developed, Zipline offers cloud hosting and royalty free distribution. This is a stand out for smaller developers.  The Moai SDK can handle graphics, animation, input, physics, collisions, and more. Moai Cloud hosts your game logic, databases and additional game content.

“There’s a lot of interesting challenges in the market,” said Zipline co-founder Todd Hooper. “People want to be on board with IOS and Android and you need a solution that lets you get on board with those.”

Zipline is also in production of its own games based on their platform: Wolf Toss and Chronosaur. With some experience in the gaming space it may not be difficult to see this platform being something that every mobile developer would like to have.

The drawback is that it is tailored towards developers who wish to use Lua scripting for mobile and cloud development. For those who are looking to use something else may not have a direct benefit of this. So if Lua isn’t your thing, then this ain’t your thing!

On the other hand if Lua is where your heart is, then this is looking to make your development cycle a hell of a lot better. Check out Zipline Games and Moai Here.

For developer info on Moai and to sign up to the Beta, Go Here.