KB’s Heartbreak Hotel & Bananas

Making this video on a whim while songwriting for #ProjectELECTRICO was a blast, and rather silly. In this video (3:54) I sing a little “Heartbreak ‘KB’ Hotel” and then I have myself a PB&J sam’ich. Umm-mm.

Making this video also reminded me of my family cousin DJ Fontana, drummer in Elvis Presley’s band. They ate “The Elvis Sandwich,” which was Peanut Butter & Banana (and sometimes Bacon). Love me some Elvis! Now, how about some Peanut Butter?

Short version (:31) with Elvis impression:


So, while my maiden name is O’Keefe, my mom’s maiden name is Fontana, and my middle name comes from my grandmother, Victoria Fontana. Yes, I’m Irish-Italian. Not the point. Relevancy to Elvis?

“D.J.” Fontana was our family cousin who played drums for Elvis for 14 years (The Jordanaires / “Hound Dog”). My Aunt, Eleanor Fontana, was kissed by Elvis. My grandmother hosted Elvis and his crew at their restaurant, Fontana’s (on Broadway), in San Antonio in the late 60’s. My grandmother donated money to the Elvis Presley (Memorial Trauma/Children’s) Hospital, and she was in the press for the unveiling of the Elvis stamp in 1993.

While there is a lot more to the story…other than my dad being an Air Force pilot and Flight Commander, there is no further relevancy to your post. Except…make it a PB&B sandwich, minus the bacon for me. And I love music. Just saying.

KB's Heartbreak Hotel with PB&J | How about some bananas? KB's Heartbreak Hotel with PB&J | How about some bananas?