KB-Style Cover of “Diamonds”

In the little spare time I have, I like to be a complete goofball and make videos using my iPhone or Photo Booth, which allows me to be in charge, have creative control, let loose, and accomplish a small task. Sweet, that always makes me feel better!

I typically like to tinkle the ivories and come up with my own quirky-take on a cover song that I love. One of my favorite songs the past few years was “Diamonds,” written by Sia, and performed by Rihanna. How can you not love the Si-Ri combo?

Here’s my live, off-the-cuff take on “Diamonds.” I recorded this video using PhotoBooth on the “Colored Pencil” effect, and I edited the video in Final Cut Pro.

To watch Sia singing her own song “Diamonds” (acoustic), click here! Sia is the bombtastic!