Phat Beatz #ProjectELECTRICO

I am so thrilled to be making music with Ronan Chris Murphy again. We just wrapped another week at his studio, Veneto West, in Venice, CA, and I cannot say enough about his compassion, character, and kooky-cool ways of technically creating art. That said, in the studio today I was so lucky, I got to sit in the boss’s chair! I played 2nd Engineer and got to fiddle with the audio controls while Ronan played a “hog fiddle” and got to make a little music, too…because that’s the way we roll.

Making Phat Beatz for #ProjectELECTRICO with Kathleen Blackwell (artist) and Ronan Chris Murphy (Producer).

For #ProjectELECTRICO we have about 23 working songs to date created from the canals of Venice to the streets of Istanbul and from the Piazza’s of Oaxaca to a an Italian Villa in Carmignao di Brenta, Italy. We still have a few more cities to hit and funky places to make music. I’m looking forward to Oranmore Castle in Galway, Ireland, and the infamous TacoLand in San Antonio, TX, to name a couple.

Love life!

The video was filmed on iPhone 6s and edited on the iphone using the iMovie app. We also love the Apogee One.

KB in the studio KB in the studio