My Crypto Journey & The Making of our Eléctrico Mezcal & Fun Music Updates!

Hello! The new year 2021 seems quite promising. We got a couple of inches of snow here in Austin; otherwise, it’s been a slow news month here in the U.S. 😉 Whatever the case, I hope this finds you healthy, and I wish you success in 2021!


Four years ago, in January 2017, I became obsessed with the concept of cryptocurrency, having previously written about the subject on my former blog Hollysico. I’ve always been fascinated by different countries fiat currencies (after much travel), along with things that a girl might be interested in such as gold, and silver, and diamonds 😉 

This had all escalated at a dinner in Napa Valley, CA, 2014. I had signed up for a Mastermind retreat which is a few days of getting together with about 150 other entrepreneurial people from very diverse backgrounds. It turns out we had an opportunity through the Mastermind Retreat we were attending to go to a 3-star Michelin restaurant. There were six of us that wound up at the restaurant from the group one evening. Not knowing who the other four would be, much to our surprise, it turned out to be the father of the Co-Founder of Ethereum, Dmitry. Yep, I sat right next to him. Growing up in Russia and being a computer whiz, philosopher, he was full of concepts of decentralizing. Ethereum had not yet been invented, but the concepts were there.

In January 2017, I downloaded the Coinbase app to my iPhone. I started buying automated small amounts of the most recurring popular tokens. I took a simple dollar-cost averaging technique, which is often used with investing without thinking about it. My strategy has been to HODL. Hallelujah, I even know some crypto lingo 😉 So far, so good! I’m a big fan of the concept of decentralized blockchains!

I created my own “Electricoin” on Ethereum but was busy with other things (life) and could not figure out the legalities of being a U.S. citizen issuing a currency. The thought was to stake the value of “Electricoin” to Mezcal, my Music Catalog…and a very Flamingo-pink hotel in Huatulco, MX, which I wanted to name “ELÉCTRICO!” (Can you see the lights now?!)

No investment advice is given here, merely sharing something slightly different from what you may not know I’m working on or looking at daily. I was considering putting everything “Eléctrico” inside of my own blockchain ecosystem. 

Tip: If you have high-school-aged children, as we had at the time, for one Christmas, we bought them each one Bitcoin and gave them the token, so they knew it was theirs, we also bought them an oz. of gold each, and for our Daughter, we bought her one share of Starbuck’s stock, and for our Son, we bought him one share of Nike stock. I will say it piqued their interest in looking at investments as a way to make money work for you.

Our Daughter has proudly reached out, and at 22-years old, she now has her own Coinbase Pro account and has started studying the market with a few buy-ins; four years after our gift to them.


Happy to report we’re making diligent step-by-step progress on our long journey for importing Eléctrico Mezcal. In many ways, it’s supposed to take a long time. Maguey’s take from 8-15 years to grow for harvesting. 

We cook the piña (the maguey’s heart) in a dirt cone-top, underground over, with hot rocks, wood, and the piñas covered with dirt. We cook to turn the maguey’s starch into sugar, and the cooking takes about three days.

Our copper still making Eléctrico Mezcal. Fire!

We uncover the in-ground stove, and the piñas each get ground up by a stone wheel, and the fibers are moved into 500-gallon pine tubs for fermentation. We add our own spring water to the tubs along with some potential “secret organic ingredients.” The fermentation also takes approximately three days.

We move the fermented liquid to one of our two wood-fired copper stills. It’s quite the process to end up with an ultra-premium mezcal! For Eléctrico Mezcal, we use maguey grown in the wild and different variations grown for taste. This is how we make mezcal. Naturally, temperature, season, and weather all have an impact on the process!

Check out our new bottling machine in Mexico 🙂

Our Maestro testing out our new Eléctrico Mezcal bottling system! Woot!


Thanks so much for all of your support on “Army of Love” (The Remixes)! The album has done fantastic, and we definitely have some standouts in the remix crowd. Here are a few reviewer quotes:

“Army of Love” (Ronan Chris Murphy Remix)

“This song is so positive and uplifting. The beat is so full of rhythm and brings fun to every situation. Many instruments on it contribute to creating a hit!!”

“Army of Love” (Chris Trentham Remix)

“Hello, nice to meet you! I think this song is perfect and that in it you show all the talent you have as an artist creating your own style of music that I think will make you reach the top of the music scene in no time! I encourage you to continue creating music as good as this song. A greeting!”

“Army of Love” (Faust Remix)

“First off, I LOVE the cover art of this song!! It’s so pretty, and I love the aesthetic. I also like the instrumentals throughout the song. There’s a catchy beat, great dimension, and a cool sounding rhythm and tempo. The instrumentals also harmonize really nicely with the vocals. Speaking of vocals, I absolutely love them. All of the individual voices harmonize so well with each other, and it creates a beautiful sound. there’s nothing I would add or change about this song; everything is perfect.”

AND I’m excited to say that I will be dropping a brand-new single on February 16th off Project Electrico called CZAR, featuring female Icelandic Rapper Bergþóra Einarsdóttir

BTW: I did a bit of CRYPTO mining in Iceland. Somehow it all comes around and comes together!

Heart. KB