Pandora: Come on Feds, Leave the Good Ones Alone!

Ok here is the good news: Pandora Media, the maker of the popular internet radio station, looks to be going public! READ HERE.

Boss Hogg

However, a federal grand jury has issued a subpoena to the little company as part of a larger investigation on practices of information sharing on apps on the iOS and Android platforms. The FTC is doing some privacy policy investigation stuff. Looks like Boss Hogg ain’t happy with them Duke boys.

Meanwhile back at the Dukes ranch, Jesse and Cooter get the General Lee ready for…

I digress.

It is unclear who the target is of the investigation, but it seems the “Do Not Track” campaign the federal government is conducting now includes mobile apps. US Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) introduced the ‘Do Not Track’ Me Online Act of 2011 on February 11. It is the first bill of this Congress to explicitly call for ‘Do Not Track’ regulation.

Here is the rub:

I like Pandora. That should be enough, but for the “Tech Geniuses” on Capitol Hill that doesn’t seem to hold any weight. So let’s explore this a little more. Pandora does track information of my habits. I WANT IT TO DO THAT! Why? Because Pandora can play the music I want. Yes, that tracking mechanism allows Pandora to cater to user base. I like all kinds of music, but I also want the freedom to choose which genre I want, by allowing Pandora to “track” my habits, I get what I want. Now the bill was supposed to be for web-based sites that track and then sell the info it gathers. Got it. But when the FCC oversteps its boundaries is when we all suffer.

Don get me wrong, FTC does a *ahem* fine job at doing something. Not sure what they do, but they are darn good at it. What we don’t want to see, is the capitol hill folks making technology decisions.