#1 in Austin, TX! Recording Around World

Somewhere out in the darkness, a phoenix was singing in a way Harry had never heard before: a stricken lament of terrible beauty. J.K. Rowling

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It’s been awhile since you last heard from me; if there’s been one constant in my life the past few years, it’s been change. I’ve had so many amazing experiences and deepened growth on a sea of starboard repositioning that at times I’ve had to chuckle to myself…you know the expression, “If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.” Well, I can honestly say, “Okay world, I’m strong enough…message received!”

Why am I writing? I’d love the opportunity to stay connected, and if you’ll hangout on deck with me, I’ll share a few KB stories along the way, and I promise to leave you with a golden nugget or two from my journey in the event I can help you navigate any waters of change in your own life. If, however, you need to jump ship, no worries, you can man-overboard (unsubscribe) below…I’ll toss you a life jacket, and we’ll see you ashore with a tiny umbrella and a straw.

Embarking on new land…

One of the biggest changes for me the past few years was closing my business, losing my home in Los Angeles (housing and economic downturn spurred by the 2008 market crash), and relocating back to my home state of Texas in 2012, where I presently live and create in one of the “biggest-baddest-boldest” cities of the South—Austin, TX—no doubt. I absolutely love Austin.

Since I last lived in Austin (attending The University of Texas in the 90’s), the city has also gone through tremendous change and vibrant expansion. Did you know that Austin was voted the #1 city for job growth by Forbes for the past five years? Austin also just hosted the Formula 1 (F1) US Grand Prix, and is home to SXSW, X-Games, The ACL Fest…Dell, Whole Foods, AMD…Stevie Ray Vaughan, Drew Brees, Matthew McConaughey…and if you can see a smoke ring or two hovering about Austin, it’s because we can also claim the man himself, Willie Nelson.

Out of the ashes…

Kathleen Blackwell | Photography by Mark Guerra | Styling by Leah Moon Kathleen Blackwell | Photography by Mark Guerra | Styling by Leah Moon

Out of the ashes, a Phoenix arises. I look at starboard repositioning this way:

Unbeknownst to me at the time, change was my ally, and life worked out in awesome ways that I could never have imagined when I consciously chose to embrace change.

One KB Golden Nugget that I’ll share with you is a personal mantra I hold near and dear to my heart when times are tough or uncertainty is high:

Everything will be okay. The universe is working on my behalf. Allow it to unfold as it is destined; I am divinely on time for my own life. KB's Motto

Indeed! A few opportunities I have created and allowed to manifest the past few years:

  • I’m #1 in Austin, TX on the ReverbNation Charts in the Electronic Music Category!
  • New Website & Blog Launched! …Join me on my journey as an artist for life at KathleenBlackwell.com where I write about my latest experiences and sentiments on five of my favorite subjects: Brands, Biz, Beer, Boobs, and Bands.
  • I’ve traveled the world: India, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, England, Iceland…NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles…I love every aspect of people! Where to next?
  • I’ve launched a new Facebook Fan Page! If you haven’t yet visited, I invite you to come over and hit like. We have a lot of fun there.
  • I’m presently songwriting and recording my third album, ELECTRICO, from various regions around the world. ELECTRICO is the blending of Western Pop Music with groove, color, and global influences. I’m again working with Producer Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Ulver, Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin) and Vocal Coach Dot Todman. ELECTRICO is slated for Summer 2015 and I am passionately excited to bring you a new sound spectacular! Follow our global recording journey on Twitter: #ProjectELECTRICO #GlobeTrotMusicBuzz
  • Also on KathleenBlackwell.com: Beer 50/50, new photo shoot, TechTainment, “Invasion of the GoGirls During SXSW,” DIY videos, and a plethora of experiences on the horizon.

Tools, how did I get here?…

KB Golden Nugget #2: Often uncertainty and fear accompany change of any kind. In the event you’re faced with big change, I highly recommend a short, quick-read: Who Moved My Cheese, a New York Times business bestseller since its release 16 years ago. The book describes change in one’s career and life and the four typical reactions to change by two mice—Sniff and Scurry—and two “little people”—Hem and Haw—during their hunt for cheese.

Cheese is a metaphor for what we want to have in life, such as a job, a relationship, money, or a big house. Cheese can even be an activity, like jogging or golfing—or starting a business, or investing in one with traction. Or, simply, writing and sharing a story.

I have no regrets.

Onward & Sherefè!
Kathleen Blackwell

P.S. If you’re in Los Angeles, I’ll be performing at the Songsalive!/Songnet Songwriter’s Showcase at The Cork Lounge. C’mon out, listen to some live music, and let’s share a beer.