Touche To The Douche TechCrunch—From The Silicon To The Silicone

A TechCrunch article today announced a new Silicon Valley douchebag: “There’s a new douchebag in town. We’ve written several times about how easy it is now to start a company in the Valley, and this new gold seeker isn’t the biz dev guy. He’s the knock-off wunderkind.”

Funny—just yesterday while attending an AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers) lunch at The House Of Blues in Hollywood, I sat next to a native Angelino in the independent music publishing business and yes, I proceeded to chat his ear off—that’s what I do best—great conversation ensued, including that of “the douchebag.” We were there for a panel called “Show Me More Money” (reviewing royalty statements, questioning PRO’s, conducting royalty audits, etc.), which I suppose is oddly appropriate for a quick-blip commentary on “douchebagery,” plus nary I waste a face-to-face opportunity to meet and greet industry people—relationships are king. Although, make no mistake, yesterday’s AIMP panel was the bomb—brilliant minds in the fields of finance and litigation, including the creator of (David) Bowie Bonds, coming together on a serious subject. I merely found the panel title, “Show Me More Money,” somewhat humorous against the douchebag backdrop of this post.

Anyway, during our conversation when I found out my ‘new best friend’ was born and raised in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills to be precise, I asked him how he felt about all of the transplants, i.e. non-natives, who manage to follow the yellow brick road, making their way to a place where dreams come true and only the tough survive—welcome to Hollywood. On the whole, he said that he loved the influx of new people into the L.A. scene, but very keenly noted that yes, there was a Hollywood Douchebag, often a transplant, and it wasn’t pretty.

Much like the described douchebag permeating the walls of the Silicon, i.e. “the guy who thinks it’s fine to screw people over, because the startup journey is all about you, the almighty founder,” according to my newfound friend, the native Angelino, the Hollywood douchebag bares a remarkable resemblance. In the Silicone, douchebagery can be notated as, and I quote, “The hustler hustling the hustler often spotted by the lack of sincerity.”

Yep TechCrunch—we’ve got them, too—touche to douchebags!

I’m not too sure what happened to “these Hollywood douchebags,” but I suppose it doesn’t really matter, the same way your techie-hustler douchebags abandon their founder company if something shinier comes along, our deal-hustler douchebags jump ship and turn tricks at the drop of a coin—make that a shiny, gold coin. Kaching!

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