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Multi-Dimensional Entertainment-Lifestyle Artist-Entrepreneur

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Kathleen Blackwell

Army of Love

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

“I felt an intensity as soon as we arrived in Taksim Square.” “I felt an intensity as soon as we arrived in Taksim Square….

Mother’s Hope

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

“Venice seduced me. She gave up her magic in unexpected ways. Strolling through the Venetian Calle, as the summer light was starting to fade,…

Cuba for Project ELECTRICO with Roger Rizo

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

Beautiful session with Cuban Jazz Pianist, Roger Rizo, providing his gorgeous playing. Wow! Grand piano from Cuba is now part of Project Eléctrico! Thank…

Cuba for Project ELECTRICO with Degnis Bofill

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

I had the thrill of fulling a dream of recording music in Havana, Cuba. Yes, I was in the stuiod with Degnis Bofill, a…

Recording Vocals at Strandarkirkja, ICELAND

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

On a beautifully gale force summer day, Ronan Chris Murphy and Diego Lopez were recording my vocals in Strandarkirkja, The Church at Strönd in…

911 Grateful

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

A post from my FB page: I am so grateful, and feel truly blessed with all of your birthday greetings and wishes December 25….

Goddess Chant for #ProjectELECTRICO

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

Sweet! In August I got together with a fabulous group of women to create a “Goddess Chant” for #ProjectELECTRICO on the fly. Our session…

KB-Style Cover of “Diamonds”

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

In the little spare time I have, I like to be a complete goofball and make videos using my iPhone or Photo Booth, which…

Phat Beatz #ProjectELECTRICO

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

I am so thrilled to be making music with Ronan Chris Murphy again. We just wrapped another week at his studio, Veneto West, in…

KB’s 4-Step Vocal Recording Mantra

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

I am in the middle of recording my next record, which is essentially a collaborative global recording project: #ProjectELECTRICO. We’ve come off an amazing…