The Lightbulb

KB’s List of Crazy-Kooky Product Ideas, Inventions, and Thoughts

Beer O-Meter

This would be helpful for bartenders: I think it would be cool to make a beer can with a “how much beer is left” quantity-reader on the side, sort of like a battery has, in order to test how much battery power is left. That way the bartender can see how much you have left and know when to ask if you’re ready for one more without having to pick up the can (or ask more then they should), or better yet, just serve another one right up! << Remember to tip well.

The VitaVoom

We have a Vitamix in the house. Sometimes people are sleeping when one person wants to use the Vitamix and they can’t because it’s louder than a Mac truck. I think a muted-sound Vitamix would be awesome. There has to be a way to decrease the noise decibels, or contain the noise within a soundproof vacuum, so that anybody can use it any time of day or night.

Label Out

I think that labeling all of the stores on the inside of the mall, on the outside of the mall, would be very helpful (to know where to park or what entrance to go in).

The Lipkin

Back to drinks, in lieu of a small, square, paper cocktail napkin that always gets drenched by the sweat from a cold beer, for example, I think a “napkin-coaster” that doesn’t absorb water, or wrinkle, but that also operates like a napkin to wipe your mouth, or lips, would be awesome.

Valet Bark

Doggie bag valet: Have the valet hold your doggie bag if you are not finished with your night on the town after dinner. That way, you don’t have to carry it around, and when you pick up your car, you’ve got take-home, too.

Instant Golf

Dress golf shoes that turn into golf cleats instantly with some plastic snap on cleats.

The Chill Pill

THE ANSWER to the 5-hour energy drink or Red Bull…the brain enhancer…the answer, or antitheses would be a brain relaxer—let’s call it The Chill Pill.

Content Capture Fixes

How many times have you lost your credit card, been reissued a new card with a new number, to then have all of your auto-pay accounts come to a screeching halt, declined, and have to re-enter your number on all of your current auto-pay accounts, etc.? A royal pain, eh? I think there should be a capture program that automatically changes your auto-pays to the new credit card number.

Those pesky, no longer-true, or wanted, ads

How do you get those pesky wedding dress ads to stop appearing in your social feeds…if you’ve become unengaged? Hmm…

Binaca Phone

Your smartphone should be equipped with a breath spray for that after-drink, garlic-eating, beer-breath smelling time that you could really use a breath mint that you don’t happen to have on hand.

In My Own Words App

Plagiarism. It’s rampant. It’s also easy to tell when a student turns in an assignment whether or not there is the possibility the student plagiarized because typically, the words used are beyond the students capacity and not the way the student might normally speak. There should be an app that takes pre-existing work and turns that work into words that a student might actually stay, or a writing style a student might naturally have. And always, always credit the original author.

Nakie: No Skin Burn

This is a spray on skin protector that allows athletes to scrape, swish, swoop, fall, slide, and basically play a game full-out without the concern of skin burn, grass burn, ice burn. It’s a thermal spray-on coat that protects bare skin from harsh environments, or that slide across the football field from a tackle.