Contest Winners, Album Release & ‘Da Music! Winners from Egypt, Cancun, to DC!

A Battle Cry for Love 2021 – “Army of Love” (The Remixes)

I have been working for the last few years with producer Ronan Chris Murphy on a global music collaboration called “Project Electrico.” The music features an incredible collection of players worldwide, and our Remixers here on “Army of Love” (The Remixes) Album promise not to disappoint in their battlecry for love 2021.

From Istanbul to Havana, Lalapalooza to Austin City Limits, to the synth player for Thomas Dolby, I’m honored to have many styles and music genres that represent.

From Producer Ronan: “The biggest things we focused on for selecting the winners were simply how Kathleen and I personally liked them as well as originality. We had several submissions that were great quality, but not super original. I produced and mixed the original version, but I did do a remix for fun. I did not compete for the prizes. Speaking of prizes, I want to give a big shoutout to our sponsors, Baby Audio, Empirical Labs, Symphonic Planet and Realitone for supporting the contest with great prizes.”

“Army of Love” (The Remixes) was selected for Spotify’s Release Radar, which makes us all feel super proud of this album.

In 2020, with most of us, home-bound and myself with a plethora of music between here and there, Ronan and I began releasing a series of singles. Following the release of my single “Army of Love,” Ronan’s Veneto West Records and I had the idea of doing a contest to remix the tune as a way to have fun with the music and raising money for a great charity (Make Music Matter).

The album features our winner and runner-ups, and the following are some of the highlights from that competition. 

1. Our winner Square Meal Laboratories aka Marc Capponi (Remixer), is a Washington DC-based composer, performer, and music educator. He’s written for film and television and performed thousands of shows across the country with Rocknoceros, including LollapaloozaAustin City Limits, and the Kennedy Center. His remix brings the club, underground feel but then adds a “snake-charmer” groove ending in a dance reflection. Groovy! LISTEN HERE

2. Producer and Remixer Ronan Chris Murphy hails from Arlington, West Virginia and his Discography includes some of music’s finest: King Crimson, GWAR, Ulver, and the Mafia III, to name but a few. Ronan’s remix is bomb-tastic. Feel like clapping? Well get up and on it, and take a listen! Plus his track is already featured in 100+ video clips and 1,400,000+ views/listens on TikTok alone. See below.

3. Elisa Nicolas (Remixer) is from Columbus, Ohio, and brings a sweet, yet heavy drum groove with nice instrumentation, which comes back loud and in-your-face. Beginning with the heavy drum groove she progresses in what sounds like a native call straight into the native horn-call we naturally have in the original track. Super cool.

4. Faust (Remixer) reigns from Appledorn, Netherlands, and I LOVE this remix track! It belongs in a movie series, think GOT. Faust picks between classic instruments yet mastered like a piece of art in a modern feel. The use of vocal re-arrangements and synth-feeling underneath our “Army of Love” choir gives this a mystical dance-club hit. One of my faves!

5. Stella Funk (Remixer) hails from Cancun, Mexico, and brings a snazzy driving beat. I can’t help but love the rolling Bossa Nova bass-line and power 4-on-the-floor electronic grove bringing in Patricia Vonne’s castanets in the end. Alternative Rock, Funk, Jazz. Love it!

6. Chris Trentham (Remixer) from Independence, Missouri, brings the heavy! Put on the headphones for this guitar mix. It is super refreshing to hear heavy guitars and added Vox. It’s a must-listen for rock-metal lovers. Seriously. #riffs

7. Arthur Edström (Remixer), originally from Wisconsin, currently residing in Austin, TX, speeds up the original “Army of Love”, which brings a natural upbeat feel, weaving between elements, beats, and risers; his creativity knocks this one out of the park. 

8. Dave Blair (Remixer) from Jersey City brings a driving club beat with a cool added guitar leaning towards the feeling of an underworld. His remix reminds me of dancing on one of the four dance floors at Indochine, a dance club in New York City as a young-in.

9. Kayzar (Remixer) hails from Alexandria, Egypt…feel the cheer and the chill up the spine. Kayzar uses fast drums, bird-like sounds, risers, slower bass sounds, and feels like nature through the trees of a musical conquest—like a drum-bass march. Exquisite.

10. Mike Kapitan (Remixer)…from the get-go, I love the phat rolling bass, slower vocals, and backward synth. The use of tambourine, crazy guitar, and “Army of Love” elements intact yet re-arranged is super amazing. Amongst the many credits Kapitan has, “he played keyboards on two Thomas Dolby albums, including Aliens Ate My Buick, which garnered two Grammy nominations. He toured with Dolby as part of his backing band The Lost Toy People and worked as a composer for Dolby’s ‘Headspace’ multimedia company.” – Wiki. Wow!

11. Alfredo P Beneducci (Remixer), what can I say? Oh my! It’s an epic journey, clocking in as a 25-minute and 48-second mini-series! I mean, seriously, this one speaks for itself! Sit back and ride the musical journey.

Well, that about wraps up our BATTLE CRY FOR LOVE 2021 on our “Army of Love” (The Remixes) competition. A beautiful shout-out to all those who participated; we had more entries than spots.

AND a shout-out to all of the crazy-cool-cats who we call our Sponsors above.

Much love and an Army of Love battlecry 20201!

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P.S. To hear the ORIGINAL “Army of Love” – LISTEN HERE!
P.S.S. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR our upcoming single “CZAR” to be released in the month of January! What an undeniably incredible journey; featuring Icelandic Rapper Bergþóra Einarsdóttir!
P.S.S. MORE ON ELÉCTRICO MEZCAL to come, we are “this close” to importing our first cases. Muy delicioso!

Kathleen Blackwell is an Artist (Pianist/Vocalist/Songwriter – Project ElectricoTo Be Human, Knockout), Entrepreneur (Founder, Eléctrico Mezcal), Angel Investor, Mom, and Wife.