Keyboard shortcuts are like wormholes through the waves of spacetime.

Sometimes with artists and entrepreneurs, we are full of procrastination and miss the wormhole.


There are spacetime shortcuts. For example, “In computing, Ctrl+x is the key combination of the control key and a key labeled ‘x,’ used to cut selected text and save it to the clipboard ready to paste elsewhere. A wormhole theoretically connects extremely long distances such as a billion light-years to short distances such as a few meters, different universes, or different points in time.” – Wiki.

Sometimes with artists and entrepreneurs, we are full of procrastination and miss the wormhole. It feels like laziness versus resilience and perspiration with the adage that what we resist persists. That’s where a control-x comes in handy, and facts and research reactivate the void of resistance.

Because we all know when you dig a grave [procrastination], you’re going to eventually excavate some worms along the way of space and time. Though there are no shortcuts to life: “Dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin, 1746. 

Wormhole Theory: A model of ‘folded’ space-time illustrates how a wormhole bridge might form with at least two mouths that are connected to a single throat or tube. –
(Image: © edobric | Shutterstock)

We can wait for the muse to hit, but the poet is often an illusion. For myself, while the muse has struck, I have wormholes through collaborations to propel me into productivity, most especially on Project Electrico and Eléctrico Mezcal. I have also found working with Producer (Ronan Chris Murphy)Mentor (Michael Dolan), and Vocal Empowerment Coach (Dot Todman), to be highly productive collaborations.

We can wait for the muse to hit, but the poet is often an illusion.

From backpacking across Europe at twenty years old on $25/day, travel has brought me an “education of life.” I see cultures so similar to us, yet so dissimilar in social-political structure. Paraphrasing Franklin, we learn from travel, where travel is the most being of a student through the journey…and now we have Covid.

Experiencing a wide variety of countries around the world opened my eyes. Much of our life is based upon being our own CZAR. As we can control what we put in our bodies, we control what we think and how we feel and do. As individuals, we can have our own ethos that we follow. Even if we’re unfortunate to be living under an oppressive political regime, we can still be our own CZAR.

Here are a few wormhole tips from my core team:

My Mentor says, “The cracks we need to slip through are the ones between our busy thoughts, where pure creativity lives, not the ones between our busy schedules, where time-management lives.” – Michael Dolan. As Leonard Cohen would say, “That’s where the light gets in.” 

My Vocal Empowerment Coach says, “I can hit that note! It is possible to create my inner core space no matter where I am or who I’m with.” – Dot Todman. It’s a fun game to play. Ask yourself what’s possible for you today?

My Music Producer says, “We’ll go where the muse takes us today.” – Ronan Chris Murphy. While recording in Iceland, Ronan and I took an oath of Icelandic Elves: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Photo taken in Reykjavik, Iceland

MY NEW SINGLE “CZAR” (Featuring Female Icelandic Rapper Bergþóra Einarsdóttir) IS DROPPING FEBRUARY 16TH! I am beyond excited for this track! As well, the story behind the making of “CZAR.”

Cheers to wormholes!

Kathleen (KB)

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Cover photo by Ronan Chris Murphy for my Upcoming Single “CZAR”

Kathleen Blackwell is an Artist (Pianist/Vocalist/Songwriter – Project ElectricoTo Be Human, Knockout), Entrepreneur (Founder, Eléctrico Mezcal), Angel Investor, Mom, and Wife.