The Making of the Most Labor-Intensive Spirit in the World—Mezcal.

Kathleen at the Teatro Macedonio de Acala in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

Hello, all you sound, sweet people, family, friends, colleagues!

It is the most labor-intensive spirit to make in the world—Mezcal.

We are presently in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our Eléctrico Mezcal business is making significant progress toward its goal of importing into the U.S.

The Spirit of Eléctrico Mezcal and an Army of Love. Preparing to cook the Piñas – Espadín – in San Baltazar Guelavila for Eléctrico Mezcal. It takes an Army of Love.

While here in Oaxaca, we sampled two of our new Eléctrico Mezcal variations: Té Limon (Espadín distilled with Lemon Grass) and Tepehuaje (Espadín distilled with Juniper tree).

Both are amazing and have very different flavor profiles than any other Mezcal. Suave y Fantastico!

The two Bosses. Satcho y La Jeffa!
Bailey. The Security!

I met a young woman in Oaxaca today. She said, “The people who are suffering most are our rural workers.”
 I’m here with Arthur to support our family and team. Such a huge commitment, physically, emotionally, and culturally.

We have checked and checked and re-checked travel advisories during our life. We are as careful as possible while loving the world and loving life.

As a Mother and Entrepreneur-Artist, I feel the world’s weight is related to my commitments’ responsibilities.

ELÉCTRICO love: Eléctrico Mezcal was born from Project Eléctrico, recording music worldwide, bringing people together through music, culture, and passion.

While recording in Oaxaca, Kathleen Blackwell, Founder of ELÉCTRICO Mezcal, was introduced to Mezcal by the late Recording Engineer, Diego Lopéz, whose family is from Oaxaca, Mexico.

CRAFTED BY MAN, BEAST, TIME, AND FIRE…Kathleen instantly decided she wanted to share mezcal with the world. 

We look forward to sharing our #SparkOfLife taste with you!