What are the Judges looking for – Army of Love Remix?

101 Different Countries! 10k Cash Prizes & Charity!

Hello, what’s up good people? 

I want to follow up on our “Army of Love Remix Contest” for Charity, MakeMusicMatter.org, and remind you that nearly $10,000 in cash and software prize-bundles will go to the Winner and the 10 runner-ups. The main instructions are on my landing page at kathleenblackwell.com/aolremix

** An interesting note to date, 101 different countries have visited my “Army of Love Remix Contest” landing page—thank you, thank you, thank you, that truly warms my heart! We are indeed a global collaborate remix!

Producer Ronan Chris Murphy and I are so excited about our “Army of Love” Remix contest for Charity. We’ve had many of you reach out in positive and exciting ways, and also with some specific questions. We hope we’ve answered your questions online, but we’ve now added more juice to our landing page, kathleenblackwell.com/aolremix, specifically about “what the judges are looking for,” plus I’ll answer a few for you right now in my video below, and newsletter notes below.

So what are the judges really looking for in our “Army of Love Remix Contest”?

Coming at you from Austin, TX
So what are the judges really looking for in our “Army of Love Remix Contest”?
Take the song and change it any way you like. Change the genre, change the tempo, add new parts, mute parts, manipulate existing parts. Originality, spirit, and creativity are most important for the judges. The only requirement is that your new version features the “Army of Love” chorus.
And most importantly download and fill out the submission form with instructions on how to get your stem package.

Deets here: kathleenblackwell.com/aolremix

Recently we got a write up in a very cool online music mag called Music Connection where lots of recording history has been written about.

** Here’s a key note, too, if this Remix competition isn’t really for you, maybe you have a friend, family member or business cohort that would love to jump in on this contest? Again we are giving away almost 10k in overall prizes AND for each entry we donate $5 to Make Music Matter, a charity that helps refugees of war and sexual violence worldwide.

So, please share away with any audio engineers, musicians (they can learn to use Garage Band pretty quickly, as can you! Or recording enthusiasts, producers—from pop to grunge, to alternative indie, to opera and orchestral. Speaking of which, my Producer reached out to me the other day to share that someone had reached out to him to say they are working on an orchestral arrangement for the remix of “Army Of Love.” How cool is that?! It brought a tear to my eye and a shiver through my soul.

Another cool tidbit is that our Remix Competition has been picked up globally to the point of being “big” in Russia, check out their landing page where they’ve marked the original tempo and even the key structure.

Lastly, and importantly, a big shout out to our sponsors Symphonic Planet, Realitone, Empirical Labs, Baby Audio and more.

Deadline for Remix Submission: October 23, 2020

Stay tuned for my 2020 election release: a song called CZAR. As well, as many fun updates on my Eléctrico Mezcal Spirit Business. Whew, lots going on in this world of ours! Stay safe!

Much love! KB