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Multi-Dimensional Entertainment-Lifestyle Artist-Entrepreneur

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Fight For The Light

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

I found this passage scrolling through my Facebook feed and the tone resonated profoundly with me. These are not my words, but this is…

Mother India: Ballet of Organized Chaos

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

Multi-Dimensional, Entertainment-Lifestyle, Artist-Entrepreneur. Phew, that’s a mouthful. I realize that “multi-dimensional, entertainment-lifestyle, artist-entrepreneur” sounds a bit pompous, but attempting to define or describe oneself…

What If We Could Live To 120?

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

While I was out to dinner at a Thai-Italian restaurant in Wisconsin last week, our table discussion embarked on the topic of aging, and…

KB’s Heartbreak Hotel & Bananas

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

Making this video on a whim while songwriting for #ProjectELECTRICO was a blast, and rather silly. In this video (3:54) I sing a little…

10% Happier

Biz By Kathleen Blackwell

I am living an amazing life. Oh sure, I have my ups-and-downs, who doesn’t? That’s the nature of existence; living. My viewpoint? I am…

A Girl & Her Suitcase

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

Prepping for six weeks of international travel has proven to be stressful, enlightening, and cautionary. It’s 10PM and our flight leaves Austin in less…

Recording in Italy: #ProjectELECTRICO

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

Recording in Italy: a Berimbau, Farfisa, Demijohn & RainDirk + 3 Pears, a GoPro 2 & a Twerk for #ProjectELECTRICO Our recording session for…

Little Things Make a Big-Big Splash

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

Here in the United States, as we prepare to honor and celebrate our forefathers, nosh on some warm turkey-fixings with marshmallow sweet-potatoes and apple-pumpkin…

#1 in Austin, TX! Recording Around World

Boobs By Kathleen Blackwell

How are you? What’s happening in your world? Truly! Hit reply and let me know. It’s been awhile since you last heard from me;…

The Making of #ProjectELECTRICO

Bands By Kathleen Blackwell

What is #Project ELECTRICO? #ProjectELECTRICO is the bringing together of musicians from around the world to build a Pop record with international rhythms, flair,…